"Loved the creativity, messages and overall presentation of each production... Keep up the great work!"-Joy Woodson
Movies & Stage Plays
From Philly Weeden - Award Winning Author, Playwright, Screen Writer, Keynote Speaker


Love Language: Stage Play

When their marriage is put on hold and their relationship is re-examined, you must ask yourself this... do you really know your mates love language?  

I Can't Make You Love Me: Stage Play

Frank does everything right, going above and beyond wooing Megan. But what does he do when she isn't feeling his efforts anymore and has become boring? For better or for worse is what they say right?

SOULMate: A True Love Story - Stage Play Tour  


Philly Weeden's Unplugged: What You Don't Know

Philly will bare all and tell all about failed relationships, suicidal thoughts and fighting depression while becoming the man he is. From counseling to the one moment that saved his life. Get ready to see Philly expose himself right before your very eyes.

SOULmate? A True Love Story

About love and the ideal facets of building a perfect relationship. When WILLIAM, a young quirky boy notices SABRINA the girl of his dreams who happens to be the most popular girl in the school and he tries everything to get her to notice him then he realizes, all he has to do is be himself. Through persistence he manages to land the love of his life and together they will grow old in love until a secret is shared that shatters their perfect loveship.

Standing in the Need

BRIAN experienced things in his childhood that no child should ever endure. Being a successful man having a hard time balancing relationships until he sought out help and was told to face his past. Find out if Brian seeks answers or revenge.


If You Knew Better; You'd Do Better the Movie

A successful young man that enjoyed living the fabulous life and all the perks that come with it. Doing what he wanted, when he wanted, until he was forced to make a life altering decision, only to find out those closest to him had secrets of their own.


God's Gift to Women

BILLY JOHNSON does everything right, going above and beyond wooing MEGAN but what does he do when his wife isn’t feeling his efforts anymore? For better or for worse is what they all say right?


BRUTHA's We All We Got

Fraternal twin brothers BOOKER and DELA' QUAN lives together and sets out on a conquest to find love. Prior to finding this love, they have had many failed attempts due to their mischief and immaturity. But what they don’t know is when they find it… it becomes a BIG problem!



If Only You Knew... the Truth Pt. 3

About PHILLY who made wrong right but finds out that his now perfect life is nothing but a lie and he is right in the middle of a whirl wind. Everyone’s truth is now exposed!


If I Knew Then, What I Know Now Pt. 2

PHILLY made the right decision but finds out something he did or is about to do may hold him back from his future of happiness.

If You Knew Better, You'd Do Better

About a popular man who is forced to make the right decision after creating wrong situations due to love, lust, religion, and a life changing experience.


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